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Myths: Employee Vs Contractor You make a lot of decisions when running your business. So what about the people who work for you? They're contractors, right? Are you sure? Because you're responsible for getting it right. Be careful! There are myths about what makes someone a contractor, such as having an ABN, only being needed for short term work, simply agreeing to the arrangement, invoicing you for work, or just that everyone else in the industry calls them a contractor.

It turns out that none of these things by themselves determine whether someone is a contractor or employee. It's not a choice. There are rules and every working arrangement may be different. Getting it wrong could land you in trouble - putting your business at risk of penalties. But we are here to help - even if you've got it wrong - and can make it really easy to check your working arrangements. Contact our friendly staff now on 02 6583 5327.

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